What is Clean Language and Systemic Modelling

Clean Language is a simple set of powerful questions developed by counselling psychologist David Grove. The questions are used with a person's own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience, is content free, removes assumptions and allow a person’s words to be honoured and developed.

Clean Language also helps us focus attention on the metaphors people use naturally to describe their experience. Metaphors help us to gain access to a deeper and embodied level of experience and also to discover more about people’s experience at an abstract and then practical level.

Systemic Modelling is a series of tools and techniques developed by Caitlin Walker and others using Clean questions and metaphor to enable better understanding and build sustainable and meaningful collaboration.

How we work:

We find out what is working well, not so well and what could be different or better. We develop understanding with our clients using open and content-free questions and the clients always know more as a result of this. We find out what it is like currently and what you would like to have happen. We create the opportunities to be curious, ask questions of each other, find out about differences and what could happen, rather than being stuck and settle into the same old patterns. This all provides the opportunity to be creative and collaborative, either individually or as a team or group. There are many tools and techniques that make this possible within our facilitation and trainings, and learning these are all part of the process to make it self-sustaining moving forwards.