Being Clean:

Who we are…

Rachel Gilmore and Neil Pavey: two passionate practitioners of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling. We run our own businesses working with people and teams to work at their best. Being Clean is building on our experiences using Clean as a core part of our work. We have a wealth of experience in coaching people and facilitating teams in all kinds of contexts and environments. We believe that Clean tools and techniques work so well in so may ways and will grow in use and application in business and the public and private sectors.

The Why…

We use, promote and apply Clean Language and Systemic Modeling to create the conditions for citizens, teams and communities to function at their best. We want to continue to develop the application of these powerful tools and techniques and have them used in the wider world to create a higher level of collaboration and understanding.

What we do…

We create highly functioning teams and individuals who operate with curiosity, respect difference and know more about how they and others work. We use the simple questions within Clean Language to create conditions for change, development and evolution within teams, organisations and leaders. We use One to One coaching and we facilitate and train teams.

How we work:

We find out what is working well, not so well and what could be different or better. We develop understanding with our clients using open and content-free questions and the clients always know more as a result of this. We find out what it is like currently and what you would like to have happen. We create the opportunities to be curious, ask questions of each other, find out about differences and what could happen, rather than being stuck and settle into the same old patterns. This all provides the opportunity to be creative and collaborative, either individually or as a team or group. There are many tools and techniques that make this possible within our facilitation and trainings, and learning these are all part of the process to make it self-sustaining moving forwards.

Who we work with:

We work with teams, organisations and leadership who wish to work at their best. We have worked with businesses and companies within the creative industries, the technology sector, education, the NHS, and financial sector among others.

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